The most proven home remedies for self-treatment of calluses and their instructions

Calluses are neither beautiful nor pleasant, because they cause pain. One should therefore be treated or treat it, because otherwise they increases pain. Many are ashamed even to show their own feet in public. But what are calluses at all? A corn is a growing inwards corneal thickening. In running, for example, pressure on the corn and it comes to pain. The subject has therefore been difficulties in walking. A corn may already be caused by improper footwear. Sometimes it happens that a corn to the people suffering from appears circulatory problems. Often, the corn is at the toes. It is not recommended, however, remove the chicken eye with scissors or any other material. It is best idea, to consult a chiropodist or even a doctor.

Some home remedies that you can try to treat calluses

Sempervivum juice

This juice, you can make by crushing the leaves of the orchid house and squeeze. Dribble this juice on your calluses in the night with the help of a binding act.


To treat the corn stonecrop leaves can be placed on the calluses. Be careful about it reaching the eyes, it may harm your eyes.


The third option is to dribble some lemon juice with olive oil on the corn and rub it slightly. You can also put a slice of lemon to fix the chicken eye. You will see how the corn decreased gradually. This method should be applied several times.

There are many other home methods you can apply yourself at home. It is however advisable to contact a doctor or pedicure if you made anything wrong. Calluses are annoying and should be treated in each case.

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