Gardening Is Wonderful Exercise

Gardening is beneficial in so many ways. Not only do you get to grow delicious fruits and vegetables in your own back yard free from major pesticides, but you also get to exercise while you are taking care of that garden. In addition to this, many people find gardening to help them spiritually as well.

How gardening helps physically

When you opt to plant a garden, you will end up using many of your muscles and stretching quite a bit as you do. First, your garden must be tilled and whether you do this with a motorized tiller or a hand tiller, it requires a good bit of muscle work. You will work your upper and lower body tilling that garden! If your garden is pretty big, it is a good idea to use an electric tiller, as a hand tiller would take you a very long time and you are more apt to strain a muscle this way. Once you are done tilling, it is time to get those seeds in the ground, and this requires bending, squatting, and kneeling. You will also have to dig some holes for the seeds, which requires some arm and hand muscles. By the end of the day, your body will have gotten a great workout tilling and planting your garden.

You will continue to get exercise as you periodically weed your garden. Then, when the produce starts growing and harvesting, you will do some more bending and stretching to pick your delicious fruits and vegetables.

How a garden helps you spiritually

Many gardeners admit that gardening helps them to grow spiritually and feel more connected to their Creator. While you are out there in the garden, you have quiet time to reflect, contemplate, pray, and just offer gratitude for everything that you have. Sowing and reaping is a spiritual principle, so when you sow those seeds, water them, watch them grow, and harvest them, it can remind you of how you can sow spiritually and reap a great harvest of love and abundance.

When you are done planting your garden, think about putting a bench out by your garden to sit on every day. Take 15 to 30 minutes and enjoy the serenity of nature and the beauty of your garden. If you want, do some meditation while you are out there. Take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly. Try to keep your mind clear of distracting thoughts. Enjoy the present moment and tap into the love of the universe. If you continue to do this regularly, you should feel closer to yourself, lighter, happier, and more peaceful.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your next garden now. Think about the size you want and what fruits and vegetables you want to plant. Eating fruits and vegetables from your own garden is a wonderful feeling. If you have children, get them in on the excitement. Most children love the idea of planting a garden, watering it, and picking the yummy produce. Envision yours today!

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