Bee Pollen Nutrients and Benefits

Bee Pollen nutrients are very beneficial to human health. They may say it is a myth, but still its anecdotal information supports the clinical trials. Still, it is half myth and half real. The benefits of the herb came from its substances that have the power of healing. This is the reason why it was used by the ancient Greek doctors to their patients.

The medicinal benefits of the supplement have been discovered thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt and China. It is also known as nature’s perfect food because of the minerals and vitamins it has. In the past, they name the herb as “Ambrosia of gods”, or “Fountain of Youth”.

Bees get pollens from the flowers because of its nutritional contents. Bee pollens are male gametes that are dust like that can be found in the flower’s stamen. When the bees secrete the nectar and enzyme, right there, the bee pollen nutrients are extracted. They are collected in the bee hive.

The bee pollen contains 55% carbohydrates, 33% protein, 3% vitamins and minerals, and 2% fatty acid. It also has vitamins like Vitamin A, C and D. These are bee pollen nutrients that results into good health benefits. The herb’s healing benefits could treat diseases like MS (Multi Sclerosis). The substance of the supplement could relieve the symptoms of MS. MS is an inflammation in the central nervous system. One of its benefits is, it is able to boost the energy of the body because of its combined vitamins and minerals.

Pollen also contains minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, silica and more. The supplement is also a good treatment so cancer especially to women. They also act as antioxidant because the extract also contains flavonoids.  It also has anti inflammation properties that relieves allergies and PMS symptoms. The cheapest benefit it has is the ability to increase sex drive.

Bee pollen nutrients can be maximized more if you choose the right supplement. It is important to buy supplements that are freeze dried bee pollens because it could preserve the nutritional value of the supplement. If you bought the heat processed supplement, the product already degenerated. It destroys the value of the nutrients. Don’t forget to consult the doctor before purchasing one because it also has side effects that might not be good to your health especially if you have the health condition.

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